1. Haven't posted in awhile guys.

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  2. oaksplugs:

    Finally got around to using some ammonites! I had to reshape there natural form to circles, then I added a brass ring for some flashy flash. Definitely interesting working with a 260 (ish) million year old fossil!! There’s some more info and photos here!


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  3. heartonsleevejewelry:

    19 mm rainbow fluorite tears and rounds

  4. plugporn:

    Smoky Rutilated Quartz by Relic Stoneworks

  5. plugporn:

    Red Tint Dichro by Frozenfire

  6. plugporn:

    Wild Horse Picture Jasper Teardrops by Oracle

  7. deadandplastic:

    Omega Red handmade

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  8. heartonsleevejewelry:

    10 mm set

    Amethyst with synthetic opal inlay, and Chiapas amber with Mexican opal inlay

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  9. amoderndaytragedy:

    Here is the new #design every one! Pre-orders are now available at www.amoderndaytragedy.storenvy.com for only $15 right now! #straightedge #sxe #oldstyle #art #modern #shirts #clothing #stand #for #your #beliefs make sure to share this and let everyone know!

    Clothing company my friend runs, you should really check out the shirts and go pre-order this!

  10. plugporn:

    Dendritic Agate by Oracle

  11. plugporn:

    Quartz Pyramid Weights by Oracle

  12. plugporn:

    Amethyst by Alternative Earth Organics

  13. agaveadornments:

    2&1/8” Picasso Marble and Biggs Jasper for Johnny Velez of Native Rituals.


    agaveadornments@gmail.com to place your custom order

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  14. bodyartforms:

    1/2” Silver obsidian teardrop plugs by Oracle Body Jewelry


  15. anatometal:

    5/8” Bullet Eyelets in ASTM F-138 stainless steel with bronze Bullet Inserts; princess-cut Brown CZ and Champagne CZ gemstones 

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